Amanda Washburn - Coffee & Birks

Sometimes, living a rich life isn't as complicated as we make it. A good day can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or going for a walk in comfy shoes. 

Hi there! I'm Amanda - Nate's wife and Everett's mama. We live in the countryside of Michigan and have a cuddly pup named Bentley.

I created Coffee & Birks to celebrate the joy of everyday staples, relish small milestones, and capture the adventures we go on as a family. While my days are currently structured around nursing, naptime, and let's be honest, when I can have my next Americano, I have been yearning to write. I want to always remember the messy, fun, and rewarding details of this new phase of life.

If you ever stop by, you'll find me with a messy bun, wearing my Birkenstocks, and either holding our baby or playing with our puppy. The house may be a mess, and I may be a bit frazzled, but the first thing I will do is offer you a hot cup of coffee and a cozy place to sit. 

On this blog, you can expect to read about our parenting victories and mishaps, see before and after pictures of our renovation projects, and follow along as we do our best to travel, cook, and stay sane through it all.  

Thanks for stopping by!


Snapshots of the Moments that Bring Us Joy

The highlight reel