The Story Behind the Name: Coffee & Birks

Coffee and Birks

It took me weeks to settle on a name for this website. All I could think of were names associated with my new role as a mother. And while I am thrilled that most of my energy is spent keeping Everett alive and happy, nothing clicked. I just didn't want a blog name that pigeonholed me into ONLY talking about mom-things. Since I am new to the world of motherhood, I didn't want to pretend that my entire identity was being a mom. There are so many other things that I want to talk about - travel, marriage, cooking, home remodeling! So, I kept brainstorming. 

Trying to Invent a Passion

I'm not someone who has a lot of hobbies. Honestly, if I get to read a few books a month, play a couple of board games with my husband, and get outside for a daily walk, I'm a happy girl. I was a little bummed that I didn't have an obsession that was a definite contender for a witty and unique blog name. So, after trying to invent something that I could pretend to be infatuated with, I stripped it down to the basics. I asked myself, what are the staples of my everyday life? 

Coffee & Birkenstocks 

Every morning, after Everett's first feeding I make myself an Americano with a splash of cream. And ever since I bought my first two pairs of Birkenstocks last year, I have worn them every day. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was even wearing them outside in November when I was 9-months pregnant (remember, I live in Michigan). 

And that's how Coffee & Birks came to be. 

No, Not Coffee & Burps

If you ask my sister, Erin, I could have gone with Coffee & Burps since I spend a lot of my time burping Everett. Ha! I was telling her about this new site and told her the name, and she said, "Oh, that's cute!"

A few minutes later, after explaining how I decided on the name, she said, "Hmm, can you spell the website address?" After I did, she said, "OH! I thought you said Coffee & Burps!"

Haha, man, that gave me a good laugh. I told her that I could no longer trust her opinion since she told me that was a cute name. ;) 

More than a Parenting Blog

So, while I am sure I will spend a lot of my time talking about the struggles and victories I experience as a mom, I hope that this blog can be a place where we can have a variety of conversations. My goal is to highlight the beauty of everyday routines, focus on the simple pleasures that bring a whole lot of joy, and celebrate the rich adventures marriage, travel, and cooking can offer. 


If you have ideas for topics you want to discuss, please share in the comments below!