Motherhood Lately: Brain Dump About Normal Life


Surprise, surprise, life got busy, and I stopped blogging.

Motherhood has been pretty consuming lately, so I haven't prioritized writing. And while I don't feel like I have been taking much time for myself, motherhood just keeps getting better and better.

I am going to do a brain-dump today to try and get caught up on things that have been going on in life and then come back later and do more specific posts. Because if I let all of these thoughts keep floating around, I will never get back into the blogging groove. Warning, this post might be a total bore. 

Everett at Month 5 & 6

Month five and six were a bit overwhelming as Everett had a hard time gaining weight, had a sleep regression, and was going through a major mental development phase. My days involved a lot of nursing, rocking, and holding a sleeping or crying baby. He didn't want to nap, and when he did, it was either in the car or in my arms while semi-nursing. Trust me, I know these aren't good habits, but at some point, you just do whatever you can to get your baby to sleep! 

Thankfully, things settled down, and we did another round of sleep training a few weeks ago, and things have turned a corner. Everett still fights going to sleep for at least one nap a day, but he is sleeping better at night and is taking a long nap in the afternoon more frequently. Those occasional 1.5-hour naps feel like SUCH a gift! I can actually get a few things done, shower, and eat! 

Specific Routines - Yes or No?

One thing I have realized lately is I seriously need a more concrete routine. I don't know what that looks like yet, but I think I should cook, clean, and do laundry on specific days. Then I could schedule a few more fun things throughout the week, and not feel like I am constantly doing the same things around the house every day.

Does anyone have a routine they actually follow and love? I'd love to hear! - Also, how do you navigate going out of the house, running errands, etc., when you have a child that takes multiple naps a day? 

It seems like if I go out in the morning or for lunch that Everett is cranky and won't nap in the car. Then I spend the entire time I am out of the house stressing about the fact that he hasn't slept since 7 am. Should I just schedule everything after lunch/after he has had one nap? 

I think part of the problem I have with establishing a routine is that we are traveling a lot. It seems like once I figure something out, or we make progress with sleep training, we take a trip! It's frustrating to feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps back every couple of weeks! But, I shouldn't complain! Our travels have been a lot of fun and have gone quite well. I will say, however, that I finally understand why so many people prefer to travel less once they have kids! ;) 

So, if you have a tip or two about routines, please share in the comments!

The Good & Bad Stuff 

I like to think of myself as a positive person, but I have to admit, I felt like I did a lot of complaining during the rough days. I guess I got bogged down and felt a little isolated.

As a mom, I feel like it is hard to express how we feel without feeling like we are complaining about the best gift we have ever received - our kids. I don't like that "Mom Guilt" is a thing, but I am trying to figure it out. - I didn't like who I was during those hard days, but I know that ups and downs are normal. If only we could keep a cheerful disposition no matter what! Or at least not feel guilty when we have a hard day! 

Now that it feels like the fog has cleared a bit, I feel so much better. Watching Everett discover the world is such a joy. He has been working on sitting up by himself and scooting around. Whenever Bentley comes into the room, he squeals, and as I'm sure you have noticed, he LOVES food. 

He has been such a happy baby the last couple of weeks it has been awesome. It is refreshing to end each day feeling happy and fulfilled. Sure, my house might be a mess, but if I can look back on the day and think of several times where I was entirely focused on playing with E, then it's been a good day. 


Well, as promised, this post was an entire brain dump. I am hopeful I will start blogging more, but we leave next week for another trip! ;) 


I'd love to hear your tips on creating a manageable routine and navigating the ups and downs of parenthood! Share in the comments.